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Rockstar Games Launcher, GTA

Download the new Rockstar Games Launcher and get GTA: San Andreas free!

Here we go again! Rockstar Games has released its PC launcher just if you don't have an excessive...

Free Batman Arkham trilogy is available to download

Free Batman Arkham trilogy, Epic Games Store is joining the Batman Day celebration by offering six games...

WhatsApp starts rolling out hide mute status updates, Facebook Pay, alignment indicator features.

WhatsApp Update is bringing hide mute status, Facebook Pay and alignment indicator in the beta version.
Sony A7R IV camera

New Sony A7R IV camera is a 61 MP full-frame mirrorless Wonder

Sony unveiled the most recent in its line of compatible focal point mirrorless cameras on Tuesday,...
india smart city

Taking Stock of India’s Smart Cities and Meters.

Over the last decade, people have been constantly discussing smart cities and smart meters. Even the Government of...
mi-smart tv

MI new TV launch on September 17th, 2019

MI new TV launch on September MI new TV : Xiaomi has recently...
world of warcraft

World of Warcraft is dominating Twitch because Fortnite streamers are desperate for change.

World of Warcraft is dominating Twitch Fortnite fans examining Twitch for their preferred...

OFFICIAL – iPhone 11 Pro release date, specs and price.

IT'S OFFICIAL: Apple has unveiled its 2019 iPhone line-up: the iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max and, iPhone...

UK court backs police use of face recognition, but the fight is still On.

Sources said that the data protection and human rights laws had been breached. A...

New Nintendo accessory can trick you into exercising!

Nintendo showed off a new Switch accessory that will trick you into exercising! 
Government Technology Investment

Governments and their effective use of Technology Investment.

The narrative of developing innovation and trends regarding technology with context to the Government is indistinguishable from the public sector. 
Moon from the Earth

Chandrayaan-2: All you need to know about the space missions

As u all know that INDIA launched his second lunar exploration mission named Chandrayaan-2. Today we will discuss all about Chandrayaan-2....

CamScanner: Google store removed the app as it contains malware

Camscanner is scanner application available in google play and app store. Recently, it is found as a front for disseminating malware on gadgets and...

Google Algorithm changes and updates

Google recently has confirmed that after the core update on June 2019, another update is a part of its algorithm. The new Diversity Update is...
Hack Attempts on Dropbox:

Is Dropbox safe against Ransomware and Hacks?

Imagine backing up your sensitive data on Dropbox and one fine morning, finding out that your password has been leaked or you are locked...
Adware,, Android Virus, Android malware

9 Million Google play users infected by Adware (Android Virus)

Adware (Android virus) Adware is a type of malware that automatically shows advertisement, banner or pop up on user's mobile or computer. Adware or we...
Sudoku Apps

Become the Top Sudoku Player Around with the Best Sudoku Apps

As one of my favorite games of all time, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Sudoku. But, I’ll be...
Rotexy Malware Trojan, Rotexy, Android Malware, Android Virus, Android Threats, Security, Hacking, Android

Russia Got Targeted By Rotexy Trojan

Due to the hipe of trojan activity, Kaspersky decided to do a deep analysis of the evolution of popular malware family. And they found...
Loki Botnet, malware, Security Threat, Loki, Botnet

Loki Got an upgrade – Loki Botnet new varient Detected

Loki Botnet (Malware) works in the same way as Marvel's Villen cum hero works (Trick the user and steal the information). Loki botnet, A...
Android Malware, Android Virus, Timpdoor, Android threat, Android security, Android

SMISHING on Android devices | Android Malware (TimpDoor)

Timpdoor is the recent Android malware that has been discovered by McAfee mobile researcher's team that turns mobile into a backdoor. This Android malware is...
DemonBot, Botnet

Demonbot is on rising | A New Botnet

As security is getting stronger so hackers are getting more stronger. Once a loophole is closed by Operating systems or any vendors then hackers find...
PUBG Live, Live, Streaming, Streaming using moible, PUBG mobile, PUBG Highest Kill

PUBG live Streaming using Mobile phone

Let's start PUBG streaming on facebook using the mobile phone. Yes, you read it correctly. Well, how many times you have seen this post...
Queen charge with Miner attack | Queen walk | Coc

Queen charge with Miners attack | COC

Queen charge with Miners is not a new strategy, that you are going to know now. But you have seen many time that queen...
Incorporating Social Media in Business Can Help Employees

Benefits of Social Media for Business

Today many organisations are struggling to eliminate the use of smartphones and other devices to access their social media pages or accounts. Also, there...
Best Headset For Gaming and Music

How to buy best Gaming Headset

Looking For Best Headset for Gaming and Music that will provide a better gaming experience as well as music? Here is everything you need to know about Best Budget Gaming Headset before buying a new one.

Virtualization in Mac | How to create Virtual machine in Virtual Box?

Virtual Machine Virtual machines are machines or systems that do not physically exist but gives the feel of working on a physical machine or system....